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NC State Extension

Organic Grain, Forage, and Cover Crop Seed Suppliers

Below is a list of organic grain seed suppliers. Other excellent resources for availability of organic seed are:

Saving Our Seeds has announced that it will offer a free Certified Organic Seed Sourcing Service to support certified organic growers in finding the seeds they need, as well as being clear when the seeds they are looking for are not available. The service accepts lists from organic growers of the seeds they wish to plant and replies with a list of dealers that sell those seeds. Conversely, if no organic seeds are available, the service is able to provide documentation suitable for organic certification agents. The group is also conducting a Certified Organic Seed Availability Survey to find what seeds growers are most in need of. The seed sourcing service currently covers seeds, tubers and rootstocks.

Also, Chatham County’s Small Farms Website has a list of sources of untreated and certified organic cover crop seed.

***Check with the seed companies and your certification agency before purchasing seed to ensure organic status.

Albert Lea Seed House, Albert Lea, MN
Phone: 800-352-5247
Organic grains, soybeans, corn, alfalfas, clovers, and cover crops.

American Organic Seed Co.
Contact: Art Scheele, owner
304 Anson St., PO Box 385
Warren, IL 61087
Phone: 815.266.4010
Fax: 815.745.2773
Organic corn, grass and grain seed.

Blaine’s Best Seeds, Rugby, ND
Phone: 701-776-6023
Organic seed supplier. Wheat, rye, triticale, spelt, barley, oats, flax, buckwheat, millet, lentils, field peas, alfalfa, dry beans.

Blue River Organic Seed, Lincoln, NE
Phone: 800-379-7999
Organic corn, soybean, grain sorghum, alfalfa, red clover, and Sudangrass hybrids.

Clay Organic Seed Farms, Dakota, IL
Tim Clay
Phone: 815-449-2285
Organic seed beans, seed oats and seed corn.

Doebler’s, Inc., Callaway, VA
Charlie Milliron, District Sales Manager
Phone: 540-334-1065 or 540-484-2458
Organic hybrid corn seed and forage grasses and legumes seed.

Foundation Direct Seeds/Mid State Supply, Inc., Onalaska, WI
Phone: 800-495-6647 Fax: 608-781-4076
Organic hybrid seed corn and small grains.

Goerger Farms, Inc., Wyndmere, ND
Phone: 701-439-2875
Organic wheat.

Golden Grains, Sparta, WI
Phone: 608-269-5150 Fax: 608-269-2150
Edwin & Nancy Knoll
Organic seeds including corn, soybeans, grasses, alfalfa& specialty crops. Also certified organic cleaned bin run small grain seeds.

Great Harvest Organics, Atlanta, IN
Phone: 317-984-6685 Fax: 317-984-2364
Organic corn, soybeans, alfalfa, soft red wheat.

Gries Seed Farm, Inc., Fremont, OH
Phone: 419-332-5571
Organic soybeans, wheat, spelt, clover and alfalfa

Lakeland Organics/Bruenner Seeds, Colfax, WI
Jesse Niggeman & Ray Boughton
Phone: 715-962-4319
Organic corn, alfalfa and red clover seed.

Lakeview Organic Grain, Penn Yan, NY
Phone: 315-531-1038
Organic seed.

Lancaster Ag Products, Bird-in-Hand , PA
Phone: 717-293-9701
Organic corn and soybean seed.

Lawler Farm Center, Lawler, IA
David Burns
Phone: 888-388-3276
Organic seed & silage corn, soybeans, alfalfa, medium red clover, oats, barley, wheat, timothy.

Merit Seeds, Berlin, OH
Phone: 800-553-4713
Organic corn seed.

Prairie Gold Seeds, Mankato, MN
Phone: 800-658-7269/507-387-4094
Organic soybeans, alfalfa and corn

Prairie Hybrids Seeds, Deer Gove, IL
Phone: 800-368-0124
Organic corn seed.

Saddle Pro Seed
Contact: Lonnie Zeigler (
Phone: 717-369-4101
Organic small grains, cover crop seed (tritcale, hairy vetch, grasses, clovers, etc.)

Superior Organic Grains, Ltd., Seymour, WI
Phone: 920-833-6953
Organic soybean seeds.

Clif Hardison
Phone: 252-792-1800(O); 252-714-1234(M)
1056 Scenic Drive
Williamston , NC 27892
Untreated, nonGMO, conventionally-grown corn hybrids and possibly soybeans

Welter Seed and Honey Co., Onslow, IA
Phone: 800-728-8450/800-470-3325
Organic corn, soybeans, alfalfa, clover, timothy, oats, barley, triticale, buckwheat, field peas, rye, wheat, ryegrass, vetch.