2012-2013 Organic Wheat OVT Results

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by Chris Reberg-Horton and Carrie Brinton

Organic wheat fieldThe organic Official Variety Trial (OVT) was started in 2010 with wheat to try to identify varieties that performed well under organic production conditions in North Carolina and could be recommended to farmers. We now have results from multiple years of these trials. Growers should examine NCSU’s 2013 (conventional) Wheat Variety Performance and Recommendations along with the organic OVTs for a more complete set of test results, disease ratings, and production recommendations. The publication can be found at: http://www.smallgrains.ncsu.edu/_Misc/_VarietySelection.pdf

To see the result tables of the 2012-2013 Organic Wheat OVTs,click http://www.organicgrains.ncsu.edu/2012-13wheatovt.htm

Wheat quality data for each variety in the organic OVT was analyzed as well. The falling number measures the effect of enzymes on wheat quality and gives an indication of sprout damage in a sample. Low falling numbers indicate more sprouting and a lower quality sample. Protein is the percent protein in a sample, also a quality indication.