Organic Canola Update

— Written By Molly Hamilton

Approximately 20,000 acres of conventional rapeseed and 150 acres of organic canola were planted in the fall of 2011. Canola is a cultivar of rapeseed, but is used to produce an edible oil and has much less erucic acid. Yields for these crops, harvested in May and June 2012, were above average in many parts of the state. NCSU’s organic canola yielded well in all research plots and on-farm trials. We saw yields as high as 58 bushels/acre. However, we also saw some yields just under 30 bushels per acre. These lower yielding canola plots were on deep sandy soils. Based on the past few years of canola and rapeseed being grown in NC, we see that deep sands are yielding poorly, despite a good looking crop coming out of the rosette stage. We think this is probably a nutrient deficiency in these soils and the problem will be investigated in the coming years. Stay tuned for 2012 organic canola yield, variety, and seeding rate results.
Organic Canola and Spelt Project

Updated on Feb 27, 2014
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